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Dramatic Production

MMET Media

MMET Popular Music

Musical Theatre


Technical Theatre

Do you have
what it takes?

APA Students are passionate & committed

Both academically and artistically.

APA Students are still students

First expected to mainatain a 3.0 APA GPA.

APA Students are professional jugglers

Classes, rehearsals, productions, OH MY!

APA students must attend one of the high schools of the HBUHSD:

  • Edison High School
  • Fountain Valley High School
  • Huntington Beach High School
  • Marina High School
  • Ocean View High School
  • Westminster High School
  • *Coast High School
  • *Valley Vista High School

*Alternative Education Schools accepted by APA
Please Note: Out-of-district as well as inter-district transfers are possible as space and the district permits, but students MUST attend one of the comprehensive high schools that are part of the Huntington Beach Union High School District as per HBUHSD School Board policy.

Audition Timeline

Step 1



for the Academy

Where do you belong? Take a good look at the disciplines offered by APA, and once you decide, please complete this application.

Download Application

Step 2


your material

There’s a big difference between nervousness and unpreparedness. Your legs can shake, but please know your stuff like the back of your hand.

Step 3

JAN 11, 18 & 19


with workshops

Meet your competition, meet the instructors, and even meet lifelong friends. This is your shot at making a name for yourself before the big day.

Apply to Workshops

Step 4

JAN 24


your application

Make sure your application is something you're proud of! All applications are due by 3 pm.

Step 5



your phone

APA staff will relay your audition time to a parent or guardian. Expect a call!

Step 6

FEB 22 & 23


are here to begin

Get ready to dance, sing, or interview in shirt & tie - it’s your time to shine! Read the application for each of the discipline's specific requirements.

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Last updated 08/01/2019

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